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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery Overview:


Opting for surgery is the best choice to overcome knee arthritis if the other, non-operative options are showing up no result on your knee condition. Your age factor, anatomy and underlying condition are the main points to decide on the type of surgery to be carried out. Osteotomy(cutting the bone to realign the joint) and knee replacement surgery are few types of surgical treatment available to treat arthritis.

Knee Replacing Implant:

If the arthritis is limited to only one area of the joint or if the person is young, Osteotomy is preferred over the other techniques. In this technique, the surgeons will realign the knee to make the arthritic area less loaded and placing a weight-bearing on not required part of the knee joint. For example, if a person is becoming bow-legged, realignment may help him to reduce the load across the knee joint. This method is preferred more as the patient?s own knee joint is realigned and retained and can support for many years of pain relief and can overcome of the disadvantage of using an artificial knee. The disadvantage of this type of technique is, long term rehabilitation courses and the chances of arthritis developing in the newly aligned knee.


Operation Style

Surgery Steps

Knee replacement technique is all about removing the arthritic bone and using a prosthetic or artificial joint. This type of technique will replace all the parts or surfaces of the knee like femur, tibia and patella. The replacement procedure is similiar to that.

Way to recovery

Way to recovery Surgeons and therapist will advise you on resuming your activities. Usually, post 6 weeks of surgery, patients can walk without any restrictions to distance and can even drive. After 8 weeks of surgery, patients can play golf or do swimming. after 12 weeks,... .

Pre-operation Orientation

Most of the time, patient?s own blood of 1 to 2 pints is taken and preserved week before the surgery in oder to reduce the requirement for blood transfusion from the blood bank. Patients will receive the required blood as a transfusion post surgery. In... .

Post-Operation Courses

soon after the surgery, patients are shifted to recovery room. As soon as sensation is returned to the legs, patients are brought to regular room. A pain pump is connected to the epidural catheter which helps in controlling when the pain medicines are given to...

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