Age: 36 YRS

Place of birth: BANGALORE

Citizenship: INDIAN




State/Province: KARNATAKA

Country: INDIA

Postal code: 560085

Phone: 91-9948515821

Email: dr.sharathkr@gmail.com

Graduate of


College / University (Name, City/State/Province, Country)

Date of Graduation (Month, Year)

MBBS KIMS Hubli RGUHS Bangalore

March-April 2003

Medical School (Name, City/State/Province, Country)

Date of Graduation (Month, Year)

MS Orthopaedics Pt.JNMMC, Raipur Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University Chhattisgarh

April-May 2009


DNB Orthopaedics – National Board of Examinations , Delhi May 2011

  1.  Fellowship : Fellowship in Arthroplasty
    Start and end dates (month and year): Feb 2012 to Apr 2012.
    Activity during fellowship: Assisted primary and complex joint replacement surgeries . Involved in research work  and published a article on BMHR .
  2. Fellowship : Post Doctoral studies in Primary and Revision Hip and Knee Replacement surgeries.
    Start and end dates (month and year): Sep to Nov 2013.
    Name of Director and fellowship location: Dr Giovanni Pignatti, Revision hip prosthesis and Development of New Implants. Istituto Orthopaedico Rizzoli. Bologna . Italy.
    Activity during fellowship: Assisted primary and complex Joint replacement surgeries . Involved in
    research work about novel central screwed Acetabular shell .
  3. Travelling Fellow ship
    Start and end dates : Nov 2015 One week
    Name of Director and fellowship location: Dr Michael Nogler , Prof, University Hospital Innsbruk. Austria .
    Activity during fellowship : Specific objective was to get exposed to Direct Anterior hip Replacement. Assisted about 15 cases.
  4. Travelling Fellow ship
    Start and end dates : Nov 2015 . One week
    Name of Director and fellowship location : Dr Ross Crawford, Holyspirit northside Hospital and Prince Charles Hospital . Brisbane Australia.
    Activity during fellowship: Cementing Techniques in Posterior approach , Some Computer Assisted Knee Replacement.

Conferences and other academic activities:

  1. Arthroplasty Essentials, 2 days course of basics of arthroplasty .Oct 2009.(Depuy)Chennai.
  2. ISHKS Annual Conference, April 8,9,& 10 , 2010 Ahmedabad.
  3. Primary TKA workshop, May 2010, Bangalore.
  4. Workshop on Pelvic and acetabular fractures. July,2010. Bangalore.
  5. Intermediate Arthroplasty Course(Depuy ), 2 Days. Sep 2010.Chennai
  6. Course chairman; Dr P Suryanarayan
  7. observer for Arthroplasty (TKA ),Sunshine Hospital ,sep 2010. Hyderabad.
  8. Primary TKA workshop, May 2010, Bangalore.
  9. Ranawat Arthroplasty Course , Jan 2011,Cochin.
  10. Observer surgeon (THA ) Apollo Hospital ,3 Days, May 2011. Chennai.
  11. Trauma interaction meeting (Zimmer), May 2011, Bangalore.
  12. Bangalore orthopaedic society monthly meetings and annual conferences regularly.
  13. Joint replacement state of art, sep 2011, Hyderabad.
  14. ISHKS Meeting,2012,Hyderabad
  15. Sparsh Arthroplasty Course, Oct 2012,Bangalore
  16. Ranawat Arthroplasty Conference,Jan 2013
  17. ISHKS conference Kolkata, Apr 2013
  18. OASISCON, August 2013, Pondicherry.
  19. Italian National Orthopaedic Conference, Genoa Oct, 2013
  20. TKA in Valgus knee, BGS global Hospitals, Dec 2013
  21. Complex knee Symposium .Feb 2014,Bangalore
  22. Bangalore Orthopaedic society Annual meeting .
  23. Indian Society of Hip and Knee surgeons annual conference.Apr 2014.Pune.
  24. Ranawat Arthroplasty Meet, Mumbai 2015.
  25. Sparsh Arthroplasty Conference , Bangalore 2015.
  26. Ganga Arthroplasty Conference ,July 2015
  27. ISHKS Chennai, 2016
  28. Guntur Arthroplasty course March 2016.
  1. “Fracture management with Ilizarov methodology “ Gulbarga, organized by Karnataka orthopaedic association, oct 2009.
  2. Treatment of stiff knee with Judet Quadricepsplasty surgical Techniques –Trauma interaction meeting, Dec 2012 Century Club , Bangalore.
  3. DVT prevention after knee replacement- experience with Xarelto.Feb 2013 Bangalore.
  4. Evolution of knee prosthesis and applied biomechamics. Orthopaeadics pg teaching , July 2013, Bangalore.
  5. Knee pain evaluation and awareness among public, Abbott,Jan 2014 Bangalore
  6. Recent advances in Knee replacement and computer assisted knee surgeries. IOA Pg teaching programme March 2014.Bangalore.
  7. DVT prophylaxis protocol in Total Joint Replacement . Sherraton Bangalore, Bristol-Meyers-
    Squib, 25 th April 2014.
  8. M S Ramaiah experience in Total Hip Replacement in Ankylosed hips – July 17 , Symposium On
    Hip Replacement . Advanced learning Centre, MSR Campus, Bangalore.
  9. Treatment of Osteoarthritis of knee, IOA –Ortho Excellence Programme , Atria , 10 th May ,
  10. Case presentation of Complex Hips, Zimmer hip Interaction Meeting, 25 th May , MY
    Fortune , Bangalore.
  11. Invited guest faculty for TN State conference , TNOACON-2016 Feb 14, – ‘Periprosthetic
    fracture in THR’ in Ooty. TN .
  12. Knee replacement using portable computer assistance. IASIST . Guntur Arthroplasty Course.
    March . 2016
  1. Birmingham mid-head resection arthroplasty of hip for avascular necrosis of femoral head e A minimum follow up of 2 years. Sharath K R ,V C Bose. Apollo Medicine, 2012 . December.
  2. Surgical technique and Outcome of Uncemented THR using HA Coated Stems in patients withcompletely fused and deformed hips due to Ankylosing Spondylitis. Hip International,2014
  3. Tensor Fascia Latae muscle Pedicle Bone Grafting for a Neglected Fracture Neck of Femur usingFiber Wire Suture, A Case Report . International Journal of scientific research. Sharath KR, Daksh Gadi, Amit Grover.
  4. Treatment of Bicondylar Hoffa Fracture by swashbuckler Approach. A case report. Archives oftrauma research, 2015.
  5. Uncemented THR for neglected posterior dislocation of hip with Acetabular fracture. TraumaMonthly , Dec, 2015 .
Paper presentations
  1. Presented scientific work on “ Recent trends in osteoarticular Tuberculosis” in international conference for orthopaedic infections, Khajuraho, Aug 2006.
  2. Received II prize award for “Behaviour of K angle in conservatively/operatively treated Pott’s spine” in Chhattisgarh state conference ,Jan 2009.
  3. Paper presented for award session in South zone orthopaedic conference Title “Surgical technique and Outcome of Uncemented THR using HA Coated Stems in patients with completely fused and deformed hips due to Ankylosing Spondylitis”.August, 2013.
  4. ‘Correlation of Posterior Tibial Slope and Metaphyseo-diaphyseal angle in TKA.’ – Bangalore
    orthopaedic Association meeting , 25 th May 2014.
Poster presentations
    1. Case report “ Ochronosis with replacement of both knees and both hips” IOACON 2008.
    2. Received II prize for poster on “Two cases of Congenital pseudoarthosis of Tibia treated with elastic intramedullary nailing with bone grafting and JESS fixator” in Chhattisgarh state
      conference. 2009, Jan.
    3. Case report “ Avulsion fracture of calcaneum with proximal migration of calcaneum along with attached tendo achillis upto proximal calf muscle” CGCON ,JAN 2009.
    4. “Bicondylar Hoffa’s fracture treatment using swashbukler’approach” South zone conference,
      August 2013
      • Articles in Arthroplasty section of Indian Journal Of Orthopaedics . Reviewed 20 Articles as on Dec 2015.
      • Present position
        Consultant Joint replacement surgeon in M S Ramaiah Hospitals and Associate professor in Department of Orthopaedics , MSRMC, Bangalore since July 2009.
Association Membership
      1. Indian orthopaedic Association
      2. Karnataka Orthopaedic Society
      3. Indian society of Hip and Knee Surgeons .
      4. Bangalore Orthopaedic society.
      • I am a board-eligible/board- certified practicing orthopaedic surgeon in my country of residence/practice, with a minimum of 7 years of practice.
      • I have received specialty training in the field of adult arthroplasty.
      • I am committed to the practice of adult arthroplasty.
      • I am able to demonstrate documented interest in advancing adult arthroplasty via publications,presentations, research.
      • I am fluent in spoken and written English.
      • I certify that the information presented in this application and the accompanying documentation is ACCURATE and TRUE.

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